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Once a Ram, always a Ram. We focus on building a football family atmosphere that breeds success.

About us



In order to receive it you have to give it.
It is through the actions of being a leader and showing that no one person is more significant that the other.

Every person has their role on the team.

Respect is something you earn, not something you can force anyone to give you.



You learn quickly that you need to have a positive attitude being in the RAMS family.
Just because someone might be better at something than you, does not mean that you are not good at anything. You still have a role on the team and talents which are utilized in other places or are still being developed.



What makes you come to practice every day?

What makes you show up on game day?

Everyone has different motivations and the fact is that you need to find your motivation and that is how you become successful.



You can't just reach success without going through the first 3 parts of becoming a RAM.

Each part needed to be learned and appreciated to reach success.


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Why Choose the Rams?

Rams Bursary Program

Every Ram that plays at the Bantam level is eligible for a $1000.00 bursary when they enroll in any post secondary course. We have provided $1000.00 cheques for over 135 former players and counting.

Provincial Champions

The RAMS have been the most successful bantam football team around the City of Edmonton and County of Strathcona for the last 20 years. We are a professionally run organization and offer our players unique positive experiences . Winning championships is a by-product of our team's philosophy.

Safety First

Our coaching and training staff are committed to providing the best coaching and safest playing environment that a player can receive at this level. We work together with Dr. Adams to run local concussion seminars to educate parents and players on how to play safe, regardless of the sport.

Education is Forever

We also strive to make our player winners off of the field. "Football is fun, Eduction is Forever!" is our key motto. The Rams coaching staff know how important education is. So much so, that there are dedicated trophies and awards for academic achievements throughout the season.

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